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Petec is Unique

What Makes Us Unique

  • 35yrs Experience in the Marine Industry, delivering quality equipment to give you more time at sea.

  • We offer an extensive range of Specially engineered equipment for the commercial fishing industry.
  • 24hr Breakdown Service and Extended Warranties on our Equipment.
  • Biggest Heald compared to competitors
  • Accurate control of fish delivery rate
  • Fewer Breakdowns
What Makes Us Unique

Petecs Unique Marine Offering

With an enduring commitment to attaining the utmost in quality and excellence, our organization has fortified its expertise. Our range of essential areas including winches, fishing equipment, and marine hydraulic systems. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is mirrored in our meticulous focus on product design, efficient manufacturing processes, and comprehensive equipment maintenance.

This steadfast dedication to maintaining industry-leading standards, paired with our resolute aim of achieving operational goals, has endowed Petec Services (Pty) Ltd with the ability to nurture enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with our valued clientele over the course of many years.

At the heart of our success is our dedicated and talented team, who bring their expertise to the forefront. Their unwavering commitment ensures the provision of high-quality engineering services and innovative solutions. These solutions are aimed at guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Our clients can rest assured that their requirements and expectations are our top priority. Moreover, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of delivering unparalleled quality, performance, and service.

Complete Breakdown Support

When Every Second Counts

We understand the undeniably critical nature of repairs and maintenance in the marine industry. Therefore our dedicated support team is available round the clock to provide timely assistance. Should you require particularly urgent repairs or routine maintenance, you can unquestionably rely on our skilled professionals to minimize downtime and therefore keep your operations running smoothly.

24HR Breakdown Support

Specialised Marine Products