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Sampling Winch

Sampling Winch

Our SP Sampling Winch is designed to handle multi-purpose cables with precision and efficiency. It is equipped with a self-contained power pack and oil cooler, ensuring consistent performance and preventing overheating during prolonged operations.

Fitted with spring gear and a clutchable drum, the winch facilitates cable management and controlled payout. Moreover, the manual brake system empowers operators to have full control over the winch’s operation, enabling them to safely halt cable movement when necessary.

Encased in a protective steel frame, the SP Sampling Winch shields internal components from external elements, bolstering structural integrity. Customizable to meet precise requirements, this winch seamlessly integrates into marine operations, guaranteeing dependable performance during all sampling tasks.

  • Efficient and reliable handling of multi-purpose cables
  • Prevents overheating and ensures continuous performance
  • Allows controlled payout and halting of cable movement for safety
  • Protects internal components and ensures long-lasting performance
  • Self-contained power pack and oil cooler for consistent performance
  • Spooling gear and clutch cable drum for easy cable management
  • Manual brake system for full control over cable movement
  • Protective steel frame for durability and structural integrity

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