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Net Hauler


3RNH Series Net Haulers

Introducing our advanced Net Hauler, designed to effectively haul and guide fishing nets, optimising net stacking efficiency. These net haulers ensure minimised strain, wear, and slippage of the net, improving overall fishing operations.

The 3RNH Series Net Haulers feature three powered and synchronized rollers, with an off-centre roller for effective and even net guidance. The head tilt capability reduces deck area requirements and enables precise net alignment for efficient stacking. Marine-grade stainless steel is used for inner and outer net guide plates and roller slip rings, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Uniform and synchronized net pulling for efficient hauling

  • Minimized net slippage and wear with an off-centre roller

  • Reduced deck area requirements with head tilt capability

  • Long-lasting durability with marine-grade stainless steel components

  • Three synchronised powered rollers

  • Off-centre roller for improved net contact

  • Tilt function for optimal net alignment and reduced deck area

  • Marine-grade stainless steel on net contact surfaces

Max Pull: 6.0tons @ Ø315 (160bar)
Max Pull: 7.5tons @ Ø315 (200bar)
Roller Speed: 30 – 40rpm
Head Tilt Angle: 95°
Oil Flow: 180 – 200L/min
Mass: ±3tons
3RNH Series Net Haulers
Max Pull: 9.0tons @ Ø315 (160bar)
Max Pull: 12.0tons @ Ø315 (200bar)
Roller Speed: 30 – 40rpm
Head Tilt Angle: 95°
Oil Flow: 200 – 250L/min
Mass: ±3.5tons
3RNH Series Net Haulers

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