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Hydraulic Steering Systems

Hydraulic Steering Systems

Steering constitutes a critical aspect of vessel operation. Therefore, our SP Hydraulic Steering Systems are meticulously designed to ensure both optimum performance and unwavering reliability.

Whether you require a light or heavy-duty system, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our systems are not only robust but also compact and easy to install. This ensures precise control and exceptional maneuverability for your vessel.

Recognizing that each vessel has its own distinct requirements, we offer the flexibility to customize our hydraulic steering systems according to your specific needs. In addition, we provide optional electronic feedback equipment, which offers real-time data and elevates the overall steering experience. With Petec’s SP Hydraulic Steering Systems, you can navigate confidently, secure in the knowledge that you have a dependable and efficient steering solution at your disposal.

  • Provides precise control and manoeuvrability in vessel steering

  • Suitable for different vessel types and operational requirements
  • Easy installation and integration into existing steering systems
  • Enhances steering experience with real-time data and improved control
  • Robust and compact design for easy installation
  • Optional electronic feedback equipment for enhanced steering experience

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