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Trawl Doors

Trawl Doors

In demanding seabed conditions, you need reliable equipment to withstand the rough environment. Our SP Trawl Doors are built with robust construction, ensuring durability and stability during trawling operations. Their V-shape design enhances stability and helps maintain an optimal trawling position.

We understand that each customer has specific requirements, and our trawl doors can be custom-built to meet those needs. Whether it’s size, weight, or additional features, we can tailor the trawl doors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in your trawling operations. Trust Petec’s SP Trawl Doors for durable and reliable solutions that stand up to the rigours of the marine environment.

  • Withstands demanding seabed conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability
  • Provides stability and maintains an optimal trawling position for efficient operations
  • Tailored to meet specific customer requirements for seamless integration
  • Ensures consistent and high-performance trawling operations
  • Robust construction to withstand rough seabed conditions
  • V-shape design for stability during trawling operations
  • Custom-built according to customer requirements

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