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Sampling Crane

Sampling Crane

Introducing our SP Sampling Crane, specifically designed for seabed sampling operations. This compact crane offers flawless spooling of cables, ensuring efficient and accurate sampling. It features a self-contained hydraulic power pack, providing reliable and consistent power supply.

With convenient operation in mind, it is equipped with an electric starter box and floodlights, enabling use even in low-light conditions. The easily accessible control panel allows effortless monitoring and control of the crane’s functions.

The SP Sampling Crane incorporates an effective funnel system with a gate cylinder, ensuring precise sample collection. Its robust structure guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, even in demanding marine environments. Additionally, an optional sheave swivel mechanism counteracts rough sea conditions, providing enhanced stability and safety during operations. We offer full customization options to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration into your vessel’s operations.

  • Flawless spooling of cables for efficient and accurate seabed sampling
  • Reliable and consistent hydraulic power supply for uninterrupted operation
  • Convenient operation with an electric starter box and floodlights
  • Enhanced stability and safety with optional sheave swivel mechanism
  • Customizable design for seamless integration into vessel operations
  • Compact winch and scroll shaft for flawless cable spooling
  • Self-contained hydraulic power pack for reliable operation
  • Electric starter box and floodlights for convenient operation in low-light conditions
  • Effective funnel system with gate cylinder for precise sample collection
  • Optional sheave swivel mechanism for enhanced stability and safety

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