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Marine Engineering Solutions

Petec Marine Engineering

Since 1988 Petec Services (Pty) Ltd has been offering extensively ranging engineering services and solutions to the marine industry.

Marine Engineering Solutions
Marine Engineering Solutions

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has enriched our expertise in winches, fishing equipment, and marine hydraulic systems. We focus particularly in product design, manufacturing, and repair.

This accompanied by our target driven operation allowed Petec Services (Pty) Ltd to build up invaluable relationships with our customers over the years. It is our team’s aim to provide professional engineering services and solutions to ensure our customers’ fullest satisfaction.

Marine Engineering Solutions
Marine Engineering Solutions

Company Overview

Creating a Marine Engineering Legacy

At Petec, our marine engineering solutions provide advanced technical expertise for ships and offshore structures.

PETEC Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 1987 by the then directors of Petrel Engineering (Pty) Ltd, Michael Franzen, Dereck Fitzmaurice and Jimmy Beukes.

The name Petec was derived from Petrel Technical Services, the business was established to primarily focus on spares, repairs, maintenance and manufacture of the smaller range of Petrel deck equipment.

Petec Services (Pty) Ltd embarked on its independent journey in 2002, led by Jimmy Beukes and swiftly gained momentum and began manufacturing specialised marine and fishing equipment for the Global market. Petec carved a niche market in the fishing equipment, as well as the repairs and maintenance sector and thereby establishing itself as a frontrunner in the marine hydraulic and mechanical engineering field.

Our Mission

“To be the preferred partner for marine engineering solutions, offering expertise, exceptional quality, and unwavering dedication to customer success. Giving you more time at Sea!”

Our Vision

“To be a global leader in marine engineering, transforming the way the industry operates by providing advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that shape a brighter future for the maritime world.”

What makes us unique?

35yrs Experience in the Marine Industry, delivering quality equipment to give you more time at sea. We offer an extensive range of Specially engineered equipment for the commercial fishing industry. 24hr Breakdown Service and Extended Warranties on our Equipment.

Complete Breakdown Support

When Every Second Counts

We understand the undeniably critical nature of repairs and maintenance in the marine industry. Therefore our dedicated support team is available round the clock to provide timely assistance. Should you require particularly urgent repairs or routine maintenance, you can unquestionably rely on our skilled professionals to minimize downtime and therefore keep your operations running smoothly.

24HR Breakdown Support

Specialised Marine Products