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Purse Seine Winches

PW Series

PW Purse Seine Winches Series

Introducing the Purse Seine Winches Series, designed for compact and bigger vessels, offering full functionality and peak performance. These winches provide efficient cable handling capabilities for purse seine operations.

The PW Purse Seine Winches Series features separately engageable drums with hand-wheel-operated hand brakes, allowing the operator to choose between free-wheeling or controlled cable. An automated guiding gear ensures even distribution of the cable over the drum’s length, minimizing stacking or crossing-over. The versatile design includes independent warping heads and a quality gearbox for reliable and durable performance.

  • Compact design occupying minimal deck area

  • Versatile operation with separately engageable drums

  • Extended cable life with automated guiding gear

  • Reduced downtime with a quality gearbox

  • Separately engageable drums

  • Hand wheel operated band brake

  • Automated guiding gear for extended cable life

  • Independent warping heads

  • Quality gearbox for reliability

Max Pull: 14tons @ Ø220 (160bar)
Max Pull: 5tons @ Ø650 (160bar)
Line Speed: 25 – 75m/min @ Ø220
Capacity (Main): 700m (16mm cable)
Optional Drum: 200m (16mm cable)
Oil Flow: 200 – 250L/min
Mass: ± 2.5tons
PW Purse Seine Winches Series
Max Pull: 17tons @ Ø220 (160bar)
Max Pull: 5tons @ Ø800 (160bar)
Line Speed: 25 – 75m/min @ Ø220
Capacity (Main): 775m (19mm cable)
Optional Drum: 260m (19mm cable)
Oil Flow: 220 – 290L/min
Mass: ± 3.6 tons
PW Purse Seine Winches Series
Max Pull: 27tons @ Ø260 (200bar)
Max Pull: 8tons @ Ø850 (200bar)
Line Speed: 40m/min (Avarage)
Capacity (Main): 1000m (22mm Cable)
Capacity (Aux): 250m (22mm Cable)
Oil Flow: 330L/min
Mass: ±4tons
PW Purse Seine Winches Series
PW120 – 3 Drum
Max Pull: 25tons @ Ø220 (160bar)
Max Pull: 8tons @ Ø800 (160bar)
Line Speed: 25 – 75m/min
Capacity (Main): 1000m (22mm rope)
Oil Flow: 350 – 400L/min
Mass: ±8tons
PW Purse Seine Winches Series

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