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Retractable Stern Thruster


RST Series Retractable Stern Thruster

Introducing our premium Retractable Stern Thruster, a hydraulically driven thruster designed for compact vessels requiring reliable and smooth bi-directional side thrust. This thruster offers improved maneuverability and positioning capabilities.

The RST Series Retractable Stern Thruster features a compact design with two compact arms for optimal submersion and rigidity. It offers variable speed control and quickly reversible thrust for precise vessel maneuvering. With superior materials and quality components, it minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures an extended lifetime. Our RST Series will significantly improve a vessel’s maneuverability, especially during docking, berthing, or navigating tight spaces.

  • Reliable and smooth bi-directional side thrust for improved manoeuvrability

  • Optimal submersion and rigidity with a compact design and two compact arms

  • Reduced maintenance requirements for prolonged operation

  • Precismanoeuvringng and positioning with variable speed control and reversible thrust

  • Compact design with two compact arms

  • Variable speed control for precise manoeuvring ng

  • Quickly reversible thrust for enhanced positioning

  • Superior materials and quality components for durability

  • Improves a vessel’s maneuverability

Power: 110hp
Propeller: 4 Blade Ø23”
Tunnel: Ø24″
Tunnel Length: 800mm
Stern Mounting Configuration
Mass: ±1.2tons
RST Series Retractable Stern Thruster

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