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Control Panel

Control Panels

Petec understands the importance of customized control panels to meet the unique needs of marine operations. Our SP Control Panels offer a fully customizable layout, allowing you to tailor the control panel to your specific requirements. Engraving or bolt-on name tags provide clarity and ease of use, ensuring seamless operation.

Built with stainless steel and a brushed finish, our control panels combine durability and aesthetics. We offer a wide variety of controls and feedback equipment, enabling you to configure the panel to your desired specifications. With Petec’s SP Control Panels, you have a reliable and user-friendly control system that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your marine operations.

  • Tailored control panel layout to suit specific operational requirements
  • Clear identification and ease of use with engraved or bolt-on name tags
  • Durable and visually appealing control panel design
  • Customizable controls and feedback equipment for enhanced functionality and operational efficiency
  • Fully customizable control panel layout
  • Engraving or bolt-on name tags for clarity and ease of use
  • Stainless steel with a brushed finish for durability and aesthetics
  • Wide variety of controls and feedback equipment available for customization

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