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Net Stacker


NS Series Net Stackers

Introducing our premium Net Stacker, designed to maximize net-bin coverage and enable efficient stacking. These net stackers offer flexible and precise net path guidance, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

The NS Series Net Stackers feature a large slew angle at the base pivot point, high lifting arms, and a slewing action of the head for optimal net alignment and ease of stacking. They can be operated using various control systems, including hydraulics, electric, or remote. Fabricated from marinized carbon steel, they offer a high service life and readily available replacement parts.

  • Maximized net-bin coverage for efficient stacking

  • Flexible net path guidance for smooth operations

  • Various control options for versatile operation

  • High service life and minimized downtime with durable construction and available replacement parts

  • Large slew angle at the base pivot point high-lifting arms for precise net alignment

  • Slewing action of the head for ease of stacking

  • Compatible with various control systems

Max Pull: 3tons @ Ø500 (150bar)
Core Speed: 0 – 40rpm
Net Speed: 0 – 68m/min
Stacking Radius: 2.1m – 3.6m
Slew Angle: 110°
Sheave Head Wrist: 110°
Mass: ±3.5tons
NS Series Net Stackers

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